Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughts on training and Shoulder Mob of the day!

Thought on training for today...

People are more than willing to put time into exercise in order to improve their overall physique and wellbeing, improving FUNCTION is one big area that increasing mobility can really help.  Being mobile in various planes of movement at the same time is critical to improving resiliency to injury, and decreasing the overall chances of getting injured. If you're strengthening your body in only uni-planar movement ( like all of the machines at the gym teach you to do) is that really mimicking what is going to happen in life?

How often are you going to do a curl with your elbow resting on a pad for support? Not very often all: you're much more likely to do a curl as you're lifting a bag of groceries, with an unsupported elbow.  Unless you're doing rehabilitation of that joint, I believe that it makes a lot more sense to practice (exercise) with function in mind for every day life!

For those of us that already have our joints all jammed up from years without stretching or mobilizing joints, try this one for your shoulder!

I didn't post last night because I was busy studying for the exam I just wrote.  4 down, and 5 more to go!

I ate basically the same thing yesterday that I've been eating consistenly the rest of the week, so I won't bore you with it again.  Synopsis: meat, lots of veggies, granola and coconut milk- all packed into my belly between 10am-6pm.

Normally I would have a lot more variablity in my diet, but I am currently in exams, so I am taking the road more travelled, and the recipes that are tested and true ( and easy to make in bulk).  When I'm back home for the holidays I'll have a bit more fun with what I'm eating!


  1. Oh man are you ever motivating me to eat healthy during exams. Thanks for that, I really need it! I'm trying, but sometimes it just doesn't work out as planned. Such a challenge when you're busy and running around like mad! Not to mention the time of year we have right now as well - all those holiday treats everywhere make healthy eating even more difficult. Good luck with the rest of exams, you're almost done! :)

  2. Hey Britta! Thanks for the comment.

    It's definitely hard to engrain a routine of good eating while you're studying for exams, let me tell ya. My biggest solution is cooking big batches beforehand ( as many people do) I plan my meals so that I've got only two nights a week that I make a lot of food, and the rest of the time all I have to do is portion out what I've already made. Over the holidays, I'm going to devise a shopping list and meal plan for a week of exams to help people get through them while eating well- hopefully you can find it useful for your next round of exams :)

    Good luck on your exams!